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About us

Shenzhen Lanling Technology Co., Ltd , one of the most famous leading manufacturers in China, is supplying new advanced professional laser show systems to all customers around the world. With many years in this field, we have accumulated rich experience and valueable technical supports. Whenever and wherever, we never give up our goal, that is to supply high quality, low price and best service to our customers.

We have very wide range laser lights for our customers' selection with 15 series: single laser series, double laser series, Multi-Tunnel Laser Series, color laser series, twinkling laser series, mini laser series, LED laser series, animation twinkling laser series, animation laser series, SD laser series,laser net/curtain series, fat beam laser series, Moving-head Laser Series, laser ball series, and LED lights. Power output is ranging from 20mW to 15W with different colors: red, green, blue, and mixed color. Our laser lights have CE and ROHS approvals. Since we care our customers as we care ourselves, we strictly test and re-test every unit before dispatch. Furthermore, our company put great investment to developing new items. Up-to-date technology will make our laser lights more beautiful and make our life more colorful. Once you need us, we are here for you.

Now, besides more focus on laser show systems, Lanling is also emerging on the stage LED lights market. We will manage to release more and more new LED lights in the time to come.

Our stage equipments can be widely used in DJ (deejay), disco, stage, KTV, family party, night club, pub, bar, band, home, hotel, wedding, christmas Party, entertainment areas, trade shows, fairs, theatres, company logo advertisement, etc. Only imagination sets the limits!

We can also corporate with by doing OEM and ODM products for your company. Our principle is "Quality Products, Excellent Service, Competitive Price and Prompt Delivery". We are now looking forward to even greater cooperation with overseas customers based on mutual benefits. Please feel free to contact us or visit our website for more information!


Lanling created new light MixLEDLaser and Spider Fat-beam laser light. Lanling passed the ISO9001:2008, certificate number: MSCH:00140215.
Lanling开发新款MixLEDLaser LPX12RG和摇头蜘蛛激光灯。公司取得ISO国际质量体系认证资格。

Lanling inceased its size to 2000 square meters. We have made new mini moving head fat-beam laser light and mini moving-head animation laser light.
Lanling 厂房扩大到2000平方米。 开发了迷你粗光斑摇头激光灯和迷你动画摇头激光灯。

Lanling made new 3D lasers, 3-lens laser L233RGB and other small new lasers. Lanling made some new LED lights and old-style LED lights with competitive prices.
Lanling开发3D lasers、3投激光 L233RGB和其他迷你激光灯。

Lanling made new moving-head laser LH180RGB, laser rain LD100G series, laser shoot LD200RG series, laser net LN800RG.

Lanling made new moving-head laser curtain, 8-claws Laser&LED light, 3-claws laser&LED lights, laser ball.

Lanling made new laser curtain with 8pcs and 16pcs.

Lanling moved to bigger factory sized at 1400 square meters. We made new laser net with 3 programs: 8pcs, 16pcs and 32pcs lasers controlled via RJ45 signals.
Lanling搬到更大的厂房1400平方米。 同时,我们研发了最新的激光光网产品,有8投,16投和32投,通过网线来控制。

Lanling introduced its brand via professional Lighting and Sound exhibition.

Lanling invested on advertising our laser lights via internet. More and more users recommended Lanling brand.

Lanling was open to be a small factory sized at 450 square meters which manufactured stage laser lights, covering single laser series, double laser series, color laser series, multi-tunnel laser series, twinkling star laser series, and animation laser series.

Lanling was acting like a trading company on reselling stage laser lights.


We are cooperative,honest,careful and creative.

Business Concept:
We are based on people and seek for perfection.

Business mission:
We will satisfy our clients and staff to the extreme extent.
Our client are provided with rapid, safe, and in-time service.
Our staff are provided with overall professional training.

Service mission:
We will specify our service according to our clients inquiry.

P-S-P Philosophy:
Every good staff has the opportunity to show himself in Lanling and create the bright future.We will create P-S-P(People-Service-Profit) concept together, i.e.excellent staff make the first service, which will make large profit that benifit both the staff and the corporation.

We will be the leading company in the lighting field.

Research Department

Lanling have enployed very experienced engineers to develop new laser lights and new LED lights. Until now, we have 3 engineers in our R&D department. Lanling promiss to supply new and charming lights for your stage. If you need to make your own lasers or LED lights which is different from other suppliers in the market, please just tell us! 

Quality Control

With many years on stage lightings, we mainly focus on providing our customers with high quality products.

Lanling quality promises:

1.return ratio <0.2%

2.customer satisfaction indexes >98%

3.product passing rate> 99.9%

If problems happens, please check:

1.whether products are used correctly

2.whether temperature and pressure are within working range

3.whether there is no impurity or dust inside

If all is right, Lanling will:

1.discuss the problem with you carefully and patiently

2.confirm the problem promptly

3.solve the problem as soon as possible

4.compensate your loss if the problem is caused by us

Quality Policy: technology and knowledge as pilot, brand development, customers oriented

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