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Products   >  Laser lights   >  Movinghead Lasers  > LHF50G Fat-Beam DMX Mini Moving-Head laser Light
Product Name:
LHF50G Fat-Beam DMX Mini Moving-Head laser Light

Product Description:

LHF50G Green 50mW 532nm
LHF100G Green 100mW 532nm
LHF150G Green 150mW 532nm
LHF200R Red 200mW 650nm
LHF120R Red 120mW 638nm
LHF250R 250mW 638nm
LHF300B Blue 300mW 450nm
LHF500B Blue 500mW 450nm

Fat-Beam DMX Mini Moving-Head laser Light
* Smaller size, light weight, easy for installation
* Advanced mini moving head with high focusing fat-beam laser
* The most advance function is the horizontal or vertical speed control
* Sound and AUTO flashing
*On the easy-to-use LCD indicator, this laser light can be set to the stay-still mode. Horizontal angle at 0 to 540°and vertical angle at 0 to 270°. Each level on horizontal angle is 2.1° and on vertical angle is 1.05°.
*Horizontal moving angle: 540°
*Vertical moving angle: 270°
*Scanning: Tilt and Pan
*2 units moving head laser lights are linked via XRL cable and can be operated in Mirror Symmetry mode.  
*Virtual Operating platform: LCD802 indicator
*Play Mode: Sound Active, AUTO, DMX, Master/ Slave,
*DMX channels: 6
*Safety Capacity Design according to security and good performance, safer to human and environment. Master/Slave mode and DMX512 mode will shut off laser automatically without trigger signal. Fat-beam laser is more safer than small beam laser.
*Power Supply: Bi-Voltage 110V to 220V-250V, 50/60HZ, 20W
*Net Weight: 3Kg
*Gross Weight: 3.5Kg (in carton box)
*Volume Weight: 4.4Kg (/5000) or 3.7Kg(/6000), with carton box
*Inner Box: 230*200*360mm (0.017CBM)
*Outer Box: 420*380*480mm (0.077CBM), 4pcs/carton