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Products   >  Laser lights   >  Movinghead Lasers  > LH180RGB ILDA DMX Animation Movinghead Laser Light
Product Name:
LH180RGB ILDA DMX Animation Movinghead Laser Light

Product Description:

LH080RGB 0.7W RGB (Red: 300mW, Green: 100mW, Blue: 300mW 450nm, blended white: 700mW)
LH125RGB 1.25W RGB (Red: 600mW, Green: 150mW, Blue: 500mW 450nm, blended white: 1250mW), 25Kpss
LH180RGB 1.8W RGB  (Red: 1000mW, Green: 300mW, Blue: 500mW 450nm, blended white: 1800mW)
LH280RGB 2.5W RGB (Red: 1200mW, Green: 400mW, Blue: 1000mW 450nm, blended white: 2600mW)

◆Feature This moving-head animation laser light is a great achievement on this decade. It has been pre-programmed with 103 kinds of geometric figures and 10 kinds of animations. All those patterns can be operated under DMX control, which has functions of moving up/down/left/right, zoom in/out, rotating, drawing, billowing, speed, color, etc. The most advance function is the horizontal/vertical speed control, which has 256 levels on the speed. On the easy-to-use LCD indicator, this laser light can be set to the stay-still mode. Horizontal angle at 0 to 540°and vertical angle at 0 to 270°. Each level on horizontal angle is 2.1° and on vertical angle is 1.05°.
◆Scanner 25kpps High-speed optical scanner, big angle scanning (0 to 30°)
◆Horizontal moving angle: 540°
◆Vertical moving angle: 270°
◆Scanning Tilt and Pan
◆Selectable pre-set whole unit running direction clockwise or counter clockwise
◆Selectable pre-set whole unit running angle range
◆Virtual Operating platform: LCD1602 indicator and 4-in-1 key control, easy to use
◆Play Mode Sound Active, AUTO-Beam, AUTO-Animation, DMX, Master/ Slave, PC Control
◆DMX channels: 15
◆PC Control Compatible ILDA laser show software with ILDA interface. Use electronic switches to conversion full ILDA signal
◆This movinghead laser can be controlled by laser software and DMX512 controller at the same time. It displays animations from laser software via ILDA interface and it's other functions can be controlled by DMX512 controller.
◆Power Supply Bi-Voltage 110V to 220V-250V, 50/60HZ, 50W
◆Net Weight 9.5Kg
◆Gross Weight 13Kg (in carton box)
    31Kg (in Flight case)
◆Volume Weight 23Kg (/5000) or 19.2Kg(/6000), with carton box
    39Kg (/5000) or 32.5Kg(/6000), with flightcase
◆Inner Box 565*425*410(0.099m³), with carton box
   660*510*520(0.175m³), with flightcase
◆Outer Box 1pcs/carton or 1pc/flightcase