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Products   >  Laser lights   >  Laser Net,curtain, rains  > LNH90RGB 9heads Moving-Head Fat-Beam Laser curtain
Product Name:
LNH90RGB 9heads Moving-Head Fat-Beam Laser curtain

Product Description:

Model: LNH90RGB
Description: 9heads Moving-Head Fat-Beam Laser curtain
Laser power: 1650mW RGB (3pcs Red 200mW + 3pcs Green 50mW + 3pcs Blue 300mW)

9-head Moving-Head Fat-Beam Laser Curtain
Feature: * Strong Aluminum Housing , easy for installation
* Advanced 9-Head moving head with high focusing laser to project fat-beam Laser effect
*Function via LCD indicator: Auto Mode, Glass Mode, Sound Mode, DMX512、Slave Mode, All On, All Flash, Laser group flash, IR Mode.
*Running degrees via the easy-to-use LCD indicator, this laser light can be set to the angle at 0 to 180°. Each level is ° ±15.
*On DMX mode, 2 lights can be operated separately.
*Scanning: micro-step motor
*2 units moving head laser lights are linked via XRL cable and can be operated in Mirror Symmetry mode.  
*Virtual Operating platform: LCD1602 indicator
*Play Mode: AUTO, Sound Active, DMX512 and Master/Slave ,  IR Remote control
*DMX channels: 14
*Safety Capacity Design according to security and good performance, safer to human and environment. Master/Slave mode and DMX512 mode will shut off laser automatically without trigger signal  
*Power Supply: Bi-Voltage 110V to 220V-250V, 50/60HZ, 90W
*Item size: 1065*145*85mm
*Net Weight: 7.4Kg *Gross Weight: 9.5Kg (in carton box)
*Volume Weight: 11.8Kg (/5000) or 9.9Kg(/6000), with carton box
*Inner Box: 1115*152*225mm (0.04CBM) *Outer Box: 1130*167*250mm (0.05CBM), 1pcs/carton