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Products   >  Laser lights   >  Laser Net,curtain, rains  > LN5280RG 8lens Moving-Head Fat-Beam Laser Curtain
Product Name:
LN5280RG 8lens Moving-Head Fat-Beam Laser Curtain

Product Description:

LN5280RG:  1000mW RG (4pcs Green 50MW and 4pcs Red 200mW)
LN5285RGB: 1200mW RGB (4pcs Green 50MW and 2pcs Red 200MW  and 2pcs Blue 300MW)
LN5281GG:  400mW G (8pcs Green 50MW)
LN5282GG: 800mW G (8pcs Green 100MW)
LN5282RR: 1600mW R (8pcs Red 200MW   650nm)
LN5284RR: 2400mW R (8pcs Red 300MW   638nm)
LN5285RR: 4000mW R (8pcs Red 500MW   638nm)
LN5283BB: 2400mW B  (8pcs Blue 300MW)
LN5284BB: 6400mW B  (8pcs Blue 800MW)

8-Head Moving-Head Fat-Beam Laser Curtain
◆Feature With unique moving-head function which distinguishing with other laser curtain, this laser light can scan to different directions.  It has many effects, such as all lasers can be ON/OFF at the same time, rolling the beams one by one/two by two/ four by four, strobe of all beams or one by one, jumping and flowing and laser selection. Fat beam diameter is 1cm to 1.2cm.
◆Scanning Micro-step motor scanning at big angle
◆Play Mode Sound Active, AUTO, DMX512 (6 channels), Master/Slave
◆Interface 3 pins XLR jack for DMX or Maser-Slave linking
◆Power Supply Bi-Voltage 110V to 220V-250V, 50/60HZ, 60W
◆Net Weight 11.5Kg
◆Gross Weight 13.2Kg (inner box), 27.4Kg (outer box)
◆Volume Weight 13.3Kg (/5000) or 11.1Kg(/6000), each inner box
    29.4Kg (/5000) or 24.5Kg(/6000), each outer box
◆Inner Box 930*325*175(0.053m³)
◆Outer Box 945*340*400(0.13m³), 2pcs/carton