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Products   >  Laser lights   >  Step-motor lasers  > L325RGB 400mW Multi color RGB Laser show Light
Product Name:
L325RGB 400mW Multi color RGB Laser show Light

Product Description:

Model: L325RGB 
Description: 400mW RGB (Red: 200mW, Green:50mW, blue: 150mW 470nm, Blended white:400mW)
Model: L230RGB
Description:230mW RGB (Red: 100mW, Green:30mW, Blue: 100mW 470nm, Blended white:230mW)
◆Feature This RGB laser light has many pre-programmed stunning effects with over 100 laser patterns and over 300 laser effects, such as wave, tunnel, circle, dots, fan shaped, etc.  This laser light can display 7 colors: red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple,and white.Four operation modes: Sound Active, AUTO, DMX, Master/Slave. In AUTO mode, the laser beams can be single red, single green, single yellow, or RGY in one pattern.  In Sound Active mode, this laser light is "Black Out" when there is no music. In DMX512 mode, you can set to different functions: 52 kinds of pattern selection, X/Y movement, scanning speed, pattern size, color selection and Color Segment. In Master/Slave mode, up to 32 same units can link together without control. Attractive appearance is designed to make people love this laser light. 
◆Scanning Micro-step motor scanning at big angle  
◆Play Mode Sound Active, AUTO, DMX, Master/Slave 
◆DMX channel: 9  
◆Power Supply Bi-Voltage 110V to 220V-250V, 50/60HZ, 30W  
◆Net Weight 1.8Kg  
◆Gross Weight 2.4Kg (inner box), 10.2Kg (outer box)  
◆Volume Weight 3.4Kg (/5000) or 2.9Kg(/6000), each inner box 
15.5Kg (/5000) or 13Kg(/6000), each outer box  
◆Inner Box 310*245*170(0.013cbm)  
Outer Box 515*330*382(0.065cbm), 4pcs/carton