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Products   >  Laser Net,curtain, rains   >  LD160R MovingHead Fat-beam 2in1 Single-Beam and Pattern-effects Laser Rain
Product Name:
LD160R MovingHead Fat-beam 2in1 Single-Beam and Pattern-effects Laser Rain

Product Description:

Model: LD160R
Description: "Moving Head" Fat beam Single Beam and Pattern effects Laser Rain
Many units LD160R linked together can create nice laser rain effects

LD100G    Green:  50mW
LD110G    Green:  80mW
LD120G   Green:  100mW
LD159R    Red:  100mW 650nm
LD160R    Red:  200mW 650
LD161R    Red:  200mW 638
LD162R    Red:  300mW 638
LD163R    Red:  500mW 638
LD130B    Blue:  100mW 470nm
LD140B   Blue:  300mW 450nm
LD150B    Blue:  500mW 450nm
LDC15GB    cyan:  150mW
LDC35GB    cyan:  380mW
LDC36GB    cyan:  600mW
LDR20RB    Rose:  200mW
LDR50RB    Rose:  500mW
LDR51RB    Rose:  1000mW
LDY25RG    Yellow:  250mW
LDY26RG    Yellow:  400mW

◆Feature: Single fat beam laser, a combination of single fat-beam laser and beam patterns laser, has many kinds of trace effects, such as square, round, triangle, rhombus, triangle wave, square wave, crossed-shaped. Under DMX mode, it can be operated with fat-beam selection, patterns selection, X/Y movement, flash, dimmer, rotation and zoom in/out. It will create very beautiful laser effect if many units are linked together in Master/slave. Beam Diameter is 10mm to 12mm. Fat beam laser can reflect the high lightness of laser effect.
◆Scanning: Micro-step motor scanning at big angle
◆Play Mode: Sound Active, AUTO, DMX, Master/Slave
◆DMX channel: 9
◆Interface: 3 pins XLR jack for DMX or Maser-Slave linking
◆Power Supply: Bi-Voltage 110V to 220V-250V, 50/60HZ, 30W
◆Net Weight: 2.1Kg
◆Gross Weight: 2.7Kg (inner box), 12Kg (outer box)
◆Volume Weight: 4.1Kg (/5000) or 3.5Kg(/6000), each inner box
   17.1Kg (/5000) or 14.3Kg(/6000), each outer box
◆Inner Box: 290*248*145(0.011m³)
◆Outer Box: 470*280*395(0.052m³), 4pcs/carton